Story of the five generations

Roots in Villa Juuso

Hotel Kuusanka has roots in old Villa Juuso. Estate holds tradition of accommodation for over five generations. Owners of Hotel Kuusanka, Harri Kallunki and his wife Sanna are now following in the footsteps of late landlord Jussi, respecting the traditions of forefathers Jussi, Aaro, Arvi and their father Paavo.

First nights in Villa Juuso dates back to 1840’s in the center of Kuusamo. People from far-away villages spent their nights in Villa Juuso while visiting the town. The estate has served coffee shops and restaurants, and the most legendary one has been Hotel Elka in 1960’s.

From generation to generation

Harri’s mother Tuula Kallunki hosted the hotel alongside Paavo for over 3 decades ’till 2015. Family business Petäjäkylä was transferred to Harri’s management in 2005, but running the hotel stayed with the later generation while the younger generation Harri and Sanna focused on Petäjäkylä and building up family’s second company, Ruska Laukka.

“While we’re renaming the hotel in the middle 1990’s, it was clear that the name was found in the nature. Back then Kuusamo wasn’t being called ‘ the City of Nature’, but already back then our most precious treasure was the unique nature of Kuusamo. We were ahead of our time.” Tuula Kallunki says.

“Name Kuusanka is connected to the nature, purity and humanity. Kuusanka, old name for Siberian Jay (finn Kuukkeli) represents our closeness to the nature at its best.”

Still same values

Kuukkeli (eng Siberian Jay) is the Hostess of the forest, hiker’s friend, the bird of the soul, the bird of luck.

“Environment’s purity, comfort, humanity, and preserving the traditions are connected to the the bird of luck, which our hotel holds. And Kuusanka gives wings to our family business.”

“Family values, such as responsibility, ethics, sustainable development and long-term function, are guiding both of our companies.” says Harri Kallunki

“Today it’s important to us to preserve traditions, but also modernize out actions. Respecting people, nature and animals individually is important to us every day.”

We in Hotel Kuusanka warmly welcome all of our guests to stay with us!