Booking and cancellation terms

Liability and obligations of the hotel and guest


Hotel customers have the right to change the date of their booking at no extra cost no later than 24 hours before arrival. Check-in is at 4:00pm on the day of arrival. Bookings can no longer be changed less than 24 hours before arrival, but it is still possible to book additional nights at the hotel, if there are rooms available. Customers should contact the hotel by phone or email to discuss any changes.


A binding agreement between the seller and the customer is formed when (1) the customer has paid for the booking and (2) the customer has received booking confirmation from the seller. The customer books their stay themselves online at or via an agent, such as If necessary, the hotel can make the booking on behalf of the customer. The person booking the stay must be at least 18 years old.

The person booking the stay commits to entering accurate personal information into the Hotelli Kuusanka booking system. Guest cards for official purposes can be found in rooms, and all guests are obligated to complete these with the correct information and to return them to the guest card post-box in the hotel foyer.

Key codes may not be disclosed to anyone other than paying customers who are staying in the same room. Only registered guests may be in the hotel between 8:00pm and 9:00am. Rooms must be vacated by 12:00 noon on the date of departure. The hotel is not responsible for any belongings left in rooms or in the hotel’s public areas.

Hotel guests must follow the hotel’s rules and any official instructions or regulations. Hotel guests must avoid any behaviour that could disrupt other guests or the hotel’s neighbours. If guests substantially neglect their obligations, they may be removed from the hotel, whereupon they will have no right to a refund or compensation. Any alarm costs or other costs incurred by a breach of the rules and regulations will be paid for by the person responsible for the alarm or, ultimately the contact person for the booking.

We will charge the person who caused the alarm in full for any costs incurred by the alarm (including administrative costs) if the alarm is caused by unjustified contact and leads to an alarm call-out, or if the alarm call-out is caused in error by a hotel guest.

The hotel guest (or ultimately the contact person named on the booking) is responsible for damages that they cause to the hotel or to third parties. The hotel guest is obligated to replace any movable property that they break deliberately or through negligence, or which they remove from the hotel premises without permission. Smoking is prohibited in rooms and other indoor spaces in the hotel. Breaking the smoking ban will incur maintenance and cleaning costs, which are always paid by the person who breached the ban or, ultimately the contact person named on the booking. It is prohibited to bring pets to Hotelli Kuusanka.


The hotel rooms are cleaned whenever guests depart, and weekly if guests stay for a longer period.

If the seller is unable to offer a booked and paid room for reasons beyond the seller’s control, the seller has the right to offer the customer alternative hotel accommodation in the area. The person who placed the booking must be notified as soon as possible of any changes. If the accommodation cannot be provided due to an error on part of the seller, or if the quality of the accommodation is verifiably and significantly lower as a result of an error on part of the seller, the customer is entitled to compensation or, at most, the full reimbursement of the paid booking deposit. No other customer costs will be reimbursed.

Any comments or complaints concerning the furnishing and condition of the hotel rooms must be made on the date of arrival, whereupon the seller will have the opportunity to rectify the defects. The seller is not obligated to compensate the customer for any complaints made in retrospect. We reserve the right to make changes.